Gain your muscles!

Muscle mass diet plan

Nutrition is very important to gain muscle .If you want to change your body composition or to rebuild your body you have to change your nutrition. It is necessary to increase protein. Therefore you will get essential amino acids that will help your body grow. So now you will get a list of food which will recover and rebuilt your body.


Eggs are very effective in changing your body composition. They are the best for breakfast. It contains protein that is full amino acids.


Nuts contain fats, protein as well. They are the best as a snack. Eat them between your meals or when you feel a need for sweets. They are excellent replacement.


Cottage cheese helps, with it’s contain casein, to raise your amino acids levels in blood. It also contains “good” bacteria that will help you to absorb the nutrients to get bigger.


Chickpeas are full of carbs and they are great choice if you have problems with getting muscle mass.


Lean beef contain some kind of cocktail of protein; it contains b-vitamins and creatine. You should eat I t for lunch, as a main meal of a day.


Chicken is probably on the top of the list because you can find it in any supermarket it’s always available it’s cheap and it’s a great mixture of proteins.


Lentils are excellent choice. They are not expensive they can be boiled and use as an addition to your salad or as a dinner.


Salmon is very healthy nutrient. If you like fish you are a lucky guy, but if you don’t try to add in your nutrition at least fish oil supplement. It contains omega-3 fats that are very healthy for your heart.


Fermented diary products are not as familiar to public opinion as a muscle mass nutrition. But kefir for example is a magic bullet in muscle mass diet plan; you should add it in your shakes besides the water. It helps you to digest faster because of probiotics.


Protein shakes are excellent as a supplement to your nutrition.


At the end you should know that the best way to make your muscle grow is to change your nutrition but also to make some kind of routine in your life. You must sleep enough (8 hours a day), workout enough (at least 5 times a week) and drink a lot of water. There have to be some kind of routine in your life if you want to make a progress.